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The staff was so compassionate and caring to me, when I lost my husband recently. They were patient, easy to work with which was less stress for an already stressed wife. They did an excellent job.

Delaree M

July '21

These are the toughest days a family may experience and Coral Springs Funeral Home was supportive, forthcoming, and very helpful throughout the entire process (between Germany and USA) of handling our matter during difficult days. Very understanding and guiding us with patience and heartfelt caring. We very much appreciate it.

Tarkan K

June '21

I am very grateful to the director and to all the staff since they gave me a kind and cordial treatment during that painful time we go through when our loved ones leave. I hope not to use them in a long time, but if I have to, I would turn to Coral Spring Funeral Home.

Gilma F

June '21

Dealing with the passing of my son was extremely difficult for me but Greg and his staff were very Professional, helpful, kind, Compassionate and understanding and did their best to help us as much as possible. Sad to say when i walked in and saw my son it brought tears to my eyes to see the job preparing and how of an awesome job and handsome my son looked. On behalf of my family we all want to thank you for helping us during this difficult time.

Elba S

June '21

With the unexpected death of my son-in-law we had no idea what to do or how to make plans. We set an appointment with Michael Fishman and he was wonderful from the minute we went in. He was so kind, caring, understanding, had an answer for everything. He gave us some time to discuss things or told us we could come back. We made the arrangements that day and he stayed in touch asking if there was anything else he could do. If I had to contact him he returned my call right away. I cannot say enough how grateful we are for everything he did. We are going to contact him at a later date to make pre-arrangements, knowing everything will be well taken care of!

Carolyn L

February '21

On behalf of the Coral Springs Police Department, I would like to pass on my most sincere gratitude to you for your assistance with the funeral services of Retired Sergeant and Range Master Robert "Bob" Behan. Throughout the time that Bob was under your care, you were professional, courteous, and compassionate to my staff, as well as to Bob's family and friends. The generosity you displayed allowed my members to properly mourn and reflect on memories of Bob. While it was an unfortunate circumstance, we are grateful for the level of service we received. Please accept our endless thanks...

Chief of Police Clyde H. Parry

November '19

The passing away of a love one is never easy, and when making the arrangements you want everything to be perfect! Coral Springs Funeral Home provided this and everything was to "perfection". Thank you Gregory, Jami, Cheryl, Michael and the rest of the staff so very much for all the support you provided. Gregory you went above and beyond and we could not have been more touched by your kindness because from the moment we arrived you treated us and "our dear Mother" as if we were family and for that we are very grateful. Thank you for your comforting words, dedication to details, for following through to make sure everything was perfect but most of all for listening/comforting us when it was needed the most!

The Family of Rosa Julia Villanueva

November '19

Thank you so much. As you know I had everything prearranged, nothing unexpected. I followed Nana's wishes to the best of my ability. She was always proud of her service and proud to wear her pristinely kept uniform. She was also very proud of her appearance. In her final years, as her face revealed her age, I was set on a closed casket. When we opened the casket, I was so surprised to see how beautiful she looked. It was completely unexpected and truly a gift to me and my family. She would have been pleased as well.

Jennifer C

October '19

The most horrible day for myself and my family was the passing of my 20 year old daughter! Thank you so much for making this day go as smooth as possible and not making us have to worry about a thing except for spending as much time as we could with our daughter for one last time! Thanks again

Don & Brenda C

July '19

Very understanding, attentive. They listened to our wishes.

The Family of Maria Del Carmen Stride

May '19

Everything including services was excellent. Everything was done just right.

The Family of John Vassilopoulos

November '18

The staff was so comforting, caring, and compassionate. A++

The Family of Teresita Ivette Glazer

August '18

My entire experience working with Coral Springs Funeral Home was outstanding and very easy.

The Family of Irma Abrams

July '18

I did not realize my mom had everything pre-arranged. It worked out very well. ...they went over and above in making mom look great.

The Family of Kathleen Marie Weise

July '18

The entire process was handled with courtesy and professionalism. The service was just what the family wanted. Small and dignified.

The Family of Joyce Holmes Seitz

June '18

You made an incredibly hard time easier.

The Family of Angela McCormack

January '18